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The process of doing the intricate Zardosi embroidery involves various steps. The artisans begin the Zardosi stitching technique by sitting cross-legged around their wooden framework with their equipment. After stretching the cloth over the wooden frame, the embroidery process begins, and the design is first sketched on a sheet of gateway natural tracing paper. Thereafter, a needle is used to make fine holes into the paper along the outline, in order to prepare a stencil of intricate designs.These elaborate designs are traced out on the fabric, preferably silk, satin, or velvet. In order to keep the fabric light, the Zardosi embroidery is done along the border in floral motifs. Zardosi is a popular embroidery choice across Pakistan, often done on wedding outfits, on vibrant colours, such as bright red, pink, bottle green, maroon, royal blue, mauve. Artisans and couture houses alike produce clothing with Zardosi embroidery. This delicate and unique work of art is also sought after by many European Royal House, that have always appreciated its beauty and elegance for important occasions or special events.

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