Handmade Women's Black Shawl

€160,00 EUR
Sync your internal beauty with the beauty and boldness with this enchanting black shawl. The multi color embroidery on this black shawl is giving it a stellar look of constellation.  The fabric is smooth, warm, breathable, and designed with exquisite floral embroidery. This Scarf is versatile piece of clothing that suits any occasion while adding sophistication and flair. This shawl is also a perfect gift idea for your family and friends as it shows your love and generosity. Order this women's shawl today and enjoy the quality and beauty of local Craftmanship.
Dry clean only

Main: 100% virgin wool

Shawl measurements: 210cm x 60cm

Shawl's Weight: 250 gm

Women Wearing Size: 5' 4"

Made in Swat
The HF Swat's Hand-woven ladies Shawl is a true symbol of luxury, artistic craftsmanship, and work of old tradition from a small village.

This shawl is made from 100% lamb wool which is a symbol of luxury and royalty, best known as pashmina shawls and cashmere shawls in the world. It is made using traditional methods that have been in place for centuries. Ideal for women, its superior quality makes it a perfect choice for adding an extra flavor of elegance to any occasion.

The dark color of the scarf with colorful embroidery reflects the impressions of interstellar space and colorful universes. This combination makes a good choice for women to wear it any occasion in winter. The lamb wool turns this shawl into a piece of fashion that provides more warmth and coziness than any other scarf for women. The shawl will be a perfect choice for the coming winter as it can be worn either indoors or outdoors.

The fabric of this shawl is so gentle on your skin that it has almost no allergic effects on your skin. It has fantastic qualities of wrinkle-proof, odor-proof, and stain-proof. It is so versatile to wear as it can be worn at any time of the year and in any event. Its black color with floral embroidery on it makes it look like an artistic stellar painting made to represent the vastness of your personality and the beautiful colors represent the pulsars, nebulas, and beautiful celestial bodies that make your dark sky so colorful and this makes it so unique to wear. It has a soft fall and cozy touch when it is pinned with brooches or a safety pin around the shoulder. These qualities make them the best scarves for women anywhere in the world.

This shawl is not just a piece of clothing but a reflection of old culture and traditional methods. It shows the connection of the local people to the vastness of the universe. It also represents their skills for making the best scarves for women in the world. For winter the luxurious Fabric, posh style, and the simplicity of shawl are a perfect choice.

This shawl is a perfect choice for any type of event and any time of year. The HFSWATGRANGSTYLE's handcrafted Women's Shawl is your go-to option for leaving a good impression. With a blend of cultural Heritage and contemporary fashion, this shawl pays homage to traditional craftsmanship while embracing the modern women's style.

It is time to stand out from the norms of society and give elevation to your wardrobe. Own the Handmade women's shawl and leave an everlasting impression on everyone around. This is the time to find the right fusion for History and Present.
Q: How to tie women’s scarf?

A: The most common way to tie the scarf is the basic drape method. Fold the scarf in half and place it around your neck. Pull the loose ends through the loop.

Q: Where to Buy women’s scarves?

A: The ideal place to buy scarves is the place of origin but it cannot be in approach every time. The best thing about HF SWAT GRANGE STYLE is that it brings the tradition to your doorstep. Hop into our online shop and buy yourself a great piece of art from a centuries-old village.

Q: Can I wear it in Summer or is it only for Winter?

A: The best time of the year to wear this shawl is Winter though you can wear it in Summer for certain Parties.

Q: How to wear Kashmiri Shawl?

A: The most common way to wear a Kashmiri shawl for women is to drape it over your shoulder. It is more elegant when it comes to show the patterns drawn on it. In some cases you can just let it hand loosely over your shoulders, or pin it in place with a safety pin. This style works well for formal events, or when you want to show the work of art of shawl or its beauty.
Q: Is lamb wool good or Alpaca Wool?

A: For the amount of warmth, they both provide is almost identical. Though Lamb wool products are a bit heavier than Alpaca Wool and this characteristic make lamb wool shawl more durable and long lasting.

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